WIN TICKETS: Rangleklods, Deko Deko, Rough Days For Diamond Trade


Yeah this year is progressing fast as hell. This is why you would not want to miss some essential shows right in the beginning. Like this gloomy-sexy gig presented by Nordic By Nature.  With Rangleklods, Deko Deko and Rough Days For Diamond Trade at Festsaal Kreuzberg in Berlin on March 1.

In order to familiarize you with these artists, let’s start with Deko Deko. These Leipzig electronic poppers appeared on our radars last year with their darkish “Make Death Listen” EP. They could as well be called the German Fever Ray when you soak in the destructive but yet engaging mood of their sounds and videos. And our friends of the synths-loving band Here Is Why told us that 2013 will be their year.

Danish dance music heavy weight Rangleklods on the other hand started his career in Berlins Underground Club scene, some 3 years ago. In 2012, he supported the bearded Danish superstars of WhoMadeWho and played RoskildeDockvilleSziget and the likes. Ragleklods’ sophisticated beat-structure mixed with melancholic vocals calls for that bittersweet sentiment that just feels so righteous this winter.

Our third artist Rough Days For Diamond Trade refers to himself as the sound of broken hearts on a dance floor. Based in Berlin and Copenhagen, the award winning filmmaker claims that in indie it’s cool to be sad. We are in love with his dreamy tunes, watch out they just might break your heart.

And as if you would have guessed it: We are raffling 1×2 tickets to this magical event. All you have to do is 1) Become a fan of PonyDanceClyde on facebook and 2) Send us an email with the subject “Nordic By Nature” to

Also, find all the details in the facebook event. Good luck ponies!

Julia steht auf schwitzige Rockkonzerte, Whiskey und blutige Steaks. Sie braucht jede Nacht mindestens achteinhalb Stunden Schlaf und mindestens zehn Minuten um einen ironischen Witz zu verstehen.

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