Win Tickets: Kool A.D. at Prince Charles TONIGHT!

KOOL A.D. - PrinceCharles - event show flyer

BERLIN! Yes I know it’s hot, and this shit’s about to get even more-so. Cali rapper kid KOOL A.D. is in town and ready to make us bums move at Prince Charles tonight. I can feel it in my bones already, can you?

You should, ’cause we’re giving away 2×2 spots on the guestlist. WHOOT!
WIN WIN: simply like us on facebook and send us a quick loveletter to hello at ponydanceclyde dot com come come! Email including the subject KOOL A.D. and your full name – until 5pm, please!

If you need more to get in the moods, check out 19, KOOL A.D.‘s most recent banger, self-released on bandcamp in February.

Fanni liebt das Internet, ihren Kiez in Neukölln, Schaukelstühle, italienisches Essen und Musik, die sie auf dem Sofa hüpfen lässt. Sie kann schneller Bier trinken als alle anderen, verträgt aber außer Mexikaner keine Kurzen.

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