We were there: Jono McCleery & Bonobo

Thanks to the lovely Jono McCleery, PonyDanceClyde was able to attend this great edition of Ninja Tune Night at Club GretchenNinja Tune is an independend London based label, which, rather than to make money, wants to get good records out there. That, I think, is a great cause. This night included the live performance of singer-songwriter Jono McCleery + band and a DJ set by Simon Green, the genius behind one of Ninja Tune’s most iconic artists: Bonobo.

Before Jono was on, support dj and Gretchen/Icon resident Delfonic played some fine tunes to get us movin’ and groovin’. Then it was concert time! The band came on, the crowd moved to the front, and the music started. Jono led the 3-piece ensemble on the acoustic guitar and “the Dans” completed it on the drums and base guitar, all together creating that rocking folk music. The way Jono plays his guitar fingerstyle is absolutely superb. Add the soulful sound of his fantastic voice and you got yourself some deep romantic and at the same time dark sweetness. They put up a great performance, despite the disappointing, mushed together sound at Gretchen… not even all speaker boxes were working. When I shortly talked to Jono (!) after the show, he mentioned that he actually couldn’t hear himself. Well if that’s true, he really did a good job because to me he sounded perfect! Both thumbs up! The crowd loved it as well and after a continuous clapping and cheering after the last song, the band came back for an encore.

During the concert I was distracted for a couple of minutes though, because who was standing next to me? Simon Green himself! aka Bonobo. Waaah! We exchanged a few (uninteresting) words, such as: “I’m looking forward to your set!” – “Yeah me too”. He is not the most cheerful lad, but DAMN does he make music! He started his set off with some of his own tracks, then went on with some house, dubstep and drum ‘n base, it was insane! The deep base made the room vibrate and the people bounce up and down and throw their arms around. Bonobo is a truly fantastic musician, producer and dj. Really hope to see him live as well some time!

A great Ninja Tune Night with warm rock & banging beats – what a mix! Thanks guys!

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