VIMES – Celestial. And some notions about German capitals.

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Now if you’re a Berliner like we are, it’s pretty likely you’re 90% sure that this right here is the capital of techno in good ole Germany. Let me clear this up for you with a nice clean cut: it’s not. Cologne is. Now don’t hate the player, hate the game. And please try to get over the fact that Cologne is such a shitty-looking place because frankly, I can’t.

So this weekend, official techno capital is giving us another one to contentedly nod our heads to by electronic duo VIMES. A couple of months back, we sat down with these insanely good-looking boys for German-French culture station ARTE LiveWeb to get chitty-chatty about Cologne vs. Berlin and the ridiculous mishaps of ones music taste. Read the (German) interview right here – clicky clicky!

And as we revel in Celestial‘s chorus ‘what you gonna do with that heart’, we fall in love with Julian and Azhar all over again.

Celestial will be available digitally on Humming Records from September 30.

Fanni liebt das Internet, ihren Kiez in Neukölln, Schaukelstühle, italienisches Essen und Musik, die sie auf dem Sofa hüpfen lässt. Sie kann schneller Bier trinken als alle anderen, verträgt aber außer Mexikaner keine Kurzen.

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