Staircase interview: PonyDanceClyde meets Gardens & Villa

Our interview with the lovely guys from Gardens & Villa started off with a little more peeing-my-pants-talk, just because I had gotten so excited about this show, I repeatedly announced I was gonna pee my pants, basically on every social network that there is. So one of the first things singer Chris said to me was “Oh yeah, cool! Peeing your pants can be really fun. I hope we can make you pee in your pants.” – Leaving a good impression right from the start! (When they asked me after the show, I was happy to be able to say I was damn close to peeing my pants. Going to the toilet is just not an option on a show like that.)

Enough of the ice-breaking / getting to the actual interview:

PonyDanceClyde: What’s your favorite part of Lyrics in a Gardens & Villa song?
Chris (after some heavy thinking…) “I like “flashlights make faces like witches” in Thorn Castles. It reminds me of being a kid and making weird faces with flashlights.”

PonyDanceClyde: What’s your biggest music sin? What songs do you love although you just shouldn’t?
Chris: “There’s so many good ones! I really like Ricky Martin. Yeah, Shake your Bon-Bon, that’s my favorite song!”
Adam: “I get really excited when I’m driving and Ace of Base is on the radio…” (starts singing: “All that she wants is another baby…”)
Chris: “I kinda like Lady Gaga, too” – Shane: “No you don’t!” – Chris: “I do. Pokerface is pretty cool.”
Shane: “Is it really a sin though? It’s more like a guilty pleasure!”

PonyDanceClyde: What was your funniest tour moment in Europe?
Gardens & Villa: “Definitely Dublin! The show was crazy! Have you ever partied with Irish people? They’re crazy! There was a party after the show and we had decided to leave, you know, be good and try to get some sleep. And we got to our hotel, which happened to have a dance club in it, and our bedroom was basically next to the door to the club. So we decided to keep going.”

“Yeah, that was really fun, in a more hedonist sense, it was crazy. One of the more beautiful moments was when we were in Annecy, France and we went on a hike and got a view of Mont Blanc and all of the Alps. And then on top of the mountain there was a guy running around in a Darth Vader outfit – that was a good moment! We tried to get a photo with him, but as we went to talk to him he got into his car with his wife and his child and took off his helmet, like it was no big deal.”

PonyDanceClyde: You have two days off now, what are you gonna do?
Gardens & Villa: “We have to drive all the way to Turin, so they’re not actually days off. We’re gonna go from here to Prague to spend a night there and hopefully see a bit of the place. But we really wanna spend as much time as possible in Berlin!“

PonyDanceClyde: What was your biggest rock star moment?
Gardens & Villa: “Back in Denver – that was our first one! We opened up for Foster the People and after we played we went back on stage to get our equipment, and all these kids were screaming like crazy and reaching for us. So we walked off stage and gave a bunch of high fives to these screaming kids in the front row. That was really rock star-like. And we gave autographs too! We had never done that before.”
Shane: “And actually making money of it.”
Chris: “Having a driver!”
Chris: “Another rock star moment: Arriving in France, getting to the venue, walking into our room backstage and having cheese platters, and meat platters, Carpaccio, and sliced bacon and wine. That’s so unusual for us – in the States that never happens! In the States you’re lucky if you get a beer. But most of Europe is very hospitable. We love the German cheese . And the beer!” (How could they not?!)

PonyDanceClyde: Last question, and our favorite one: If you were an animal, what would you be?
Adam: “A puppy! An Australian Sheperd dog. Excuse me, German Sheperd!”
Shane: “At first I was thinking dog, like a hunter’s dog, a bloodhound or something. But then I thought hawk, because you need to fly, right?! So probably a Red-tailed Hawk. That’d be rad.”
Chris: “I would probably be a giant squid. You get to float around in the water and you’re huge!” – ponydanceclyde: “But it’s dark in the water” – Chris: “Yea but you make love to all the squids in the darkness… They’re very sexual creatures, you know. And you battle sperm whales and attack pirate ships! So cool.”
Levi: “I’d be a cat for sure!” – Shane: “Like a cat for a grandma?” – Levi: “No, a big cat. Like a lion or something!” – Shane: “Then you have to work for your food, that’s not fun!”
Dusty: “Dolphin. Dolphins can surf!”

Thank you Chris, Shane, Adam, Dusty, Levi & Dave for a fun interview and a banging show – we had a great night with you guys!

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