Reunification day – and what to do


Americans have 4th of July, Germany has October 3rd – reunification day. When The Hoff’s true looking-for-freedom-power finally came to life and two parts of one country were brought together again. It actually really IS hisstoric, you know. So while our friends in the US of A wear striped and starred stuff, have barbecues in the sun, probably listening to this

Here’s some ideas on what us Germans do on a national (holi)day like this:

  • feeling like it’s a Sunday, and complaining about the shops being closed
  • … this year specifically: being excited about the three more days of weekend ahead – in case we were smart enough to take the ‘bridge’ day off.
  • eating cake/pizza/burger, in a place within 1 km of the homebase max.
  • according to Lucy: eating potatoes and wurst, while listening to techno. (Mate. Who has potatoes in the house? Seriously.)
  • in case we’re actually doing something more than the above: the Ausflug. The Ausflug would be best explained by a daytrip, to somewhere not too far away, possibly also somewhere where you’ve been before. Important to dos when on an Ausflug are
    1. having coffee and cake
    2. seeing something of importance. Like – us Berliners could much better go visit Sanssouci castle in Potsdam than hanging out in a random café here in Neukölln.
    3. AND/OR being out in the green
    4. having Vesper, some type of super healthy snack prepared before leaving the house

If you’ve read until here, you might have just learned two new German words – and possibly something about the laziness in us Germans.

Now away you go, checking off all of the above.


Fanni liebt das Internet, ihren Kiez in Neukölln, Schaukelstühle, italienisches Essen und Musik, die sie auf dem Sofa hüpfen lässt. Sie kann schneller Bier trinken als alle anderen, verträgt aber außer Mexikaner keine Kurzen.


  • Reply October 5, 2013


    EVERY GERMAN I KNOW HAS POTATOES IN THEIR HOUSE, at all time. Wurst on the other hand, might be a bit of a stretch.

    • Reply October 5, 2013


      Dear Lucy. This can not be true, for it lacks sense in all types of ways. Anyways: come to my house, bring potatoes, we’ll have potatoe salad with yoghurt sauce <3

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