It’s been a little quiet over the weekend, I know. Everything and everyone seems to be really slow these days, it’s warm, sweaty and Berlin life is outside. Which is why my slowness did not allow me to post a Sunny Sunday Mix yesterday, but I hope you forgive me and accept this baby instead. In case you wondered, the picture above was taken by my friend Lilies Diary at Melt! Festival Germany. This seems ages ago – although it all just was a couple of weeks back. In all this summer haze you need a soundtrack to hang on to, that carries you through these hot days at the office. Here are three facts about this mix that you should know about:

1) This mixtape has a new song of Mississippi’s best entertainer Dent May on it. Dent loves Pizza and here is a picture of him eating one. His new song “Let Them Talk” is the second single from his third full-length, “Warm Blanket”. This song is an instant vacation. I love this man.

2)  There is a German artist called IAMNOBODI  who’s interest is P O S I T I V I T Y. He made an upbeat tune called “Tamale”. Which possibly refers to a city in Africa in this case, but all I can think about is my favourite Southern summer food. The New York version. So in case you are living in Berlin like me, please show me a spot where I can eat this. You will be rewarded with a fabulously cold alcoholic beverage.

3) Funny fact: TIRZAH is a Hebrew word meaning “she is my delight.” Also, that’s the name of a new, genre bending, somewhat experimental pop artist over at the Greco-Roman camp. In this case she brings the Techno vibes into the whole mixtape affair, singing “I’m not dancing, I’m fighting/ I’m not shining, I’m burning/ I’m not touching, I’m feeling”. Damn girl!

And with all this information, you can now lean back in your office chair and think about flowers, lakes and beer. Happy Monday!

Julia steht auf schwitzige Rockkonzerte, Whiskey und blutige Steaks. Sie braucht jede Nacht mindestens achteinhalb Stunden Schlaf und mindestens zehn Minuten um einen ironischen Witz zu verstehen.

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    Vbo Music

    Nice playlist, Julia. Jungle is a great track, love that you included it

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