OMG! Kurt Vile made a mixtape! And stuff!

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Oh gee. Our favourite Philly rocker Kurt Vile just announced the release of a new EP, as well as a deluxe edition of his latest album Wakin on a Pretty Daze. The EP is called it’s a big world out there (and i am scared). Practically enough, the EP is part of his new deluxe edition, so you can just go ahead and buy the whole thing at Matador Records.

On top Kurt has made a (quite significant) mixtape for us. Yeah and it totally includes our long-term love Tom Petty.  And Pink Floyd. And David Bowie. And in case you should not know, Kurt has a show coming up in Berlin in December and you should go there.

This is what Kurt has has to say about his mixtape:


i don’t want to dissect all my favorite music for everyone. but i sent this mix to my friends involved in my record for the purpose of loose/good vibes. and then i sent it to some other friends and loved ones. some of whom complimented it, and of course i was flattered cuz i did work hard on it like a total dork, hah… i didn’t just throw it together.

i don’t wanna say all this stuff influenced my record in any obvious way.
but subliminally? most def.
cuz that’s life. always influenced by your surroundings.

some top faves (besides “a quick thing”) :
bill fay “warwick town”
the byrds “truckstop girl”
flamin groovies “whiskey woman”

“…and all of the rest.”

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