#Mundpropaganda: Gentlemen against homophobia by GQ Germany


Today is a remarkable day. As active supporters of the pro-gay campaign #enoughisenough we can honestly say: Today is a huge step forward in the German media landscape. GQ magazine Germany decided to support #enoughisenough in the most obvious way: a huge photo spread titled “Gentlemen against homophobia”. And yet the best part? (Straight) German men kissing (straight) German men in close-ups. With Herbert Grönemeyer kissing August Diehl, the band Fettes Brot kissing the band Revolverheld, Kostja Ullmann kissing Ken Duken, rapper Moses Pelham kissing rapper Thomas D and the Beachvolleyball winner Julius Brink kissing Olympic Beachvolleyball winner Jonas Reckermann.

Take that haters.

Besides being all covered in goosebumps and touched right to our bones by GQ’s activism and support, we must say we are all on the same page when we stand with them and say: NO TO SOCIAL EXCLUSION AND DISCRIMINATION! Everybody is different, and if you descriminate others, you descriminate yourself. Thanks GQ Germany for making today a special one and for raising awareness. Like a boss GQ, like a boss.


Here you get further information about it all, to be up to date you should press that facebook like button:
#EnoughisEnough over at Facebook.
#Mundpropaganda over at GQ’s website. 
#Mundpropaganda over at Facebook.

If you are in Germany, go buy the current GQ issue which is out tomorrow, December 12.


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