Dear PonyDanceFanni,

I hope you are not mad at me because I deliberately chose this super cute picture of you as you can see above from my iPhone snapshots. Because it is super cute. No YOU are super cute. Just before we stuff our faces with burgers tonight for the sake of your wonderful birthday, I thought you might wanna wake up to some serious bitch ass hip-hop tunes. Which is why I crafted you a humble mix which altogether might get you fist pumping happily even before getting out of bed.

Words cannot describe how much you mean to me as a friend, so I won’t even start to explain. On top of all that, I hereby would like to thank you that you are still on board with our little beloved music- and now even more grown up lifestyle publication called PonyDanceClyde. You are making this one bigger, better and prettier everyday and I could not keep this baby running without you by any means. A massive high five to you, us, life and champagne!

Happy Birthday my dearest!

Very wet kisses


Julia steht auf schwitzige Rockkonzerte, Whiskey und blutige Steaks. Sie braucht jede Nacht mindestens achteinhalb Stunden Schlaf und mindestens zehn Minuten um einen ironischen Witz zu verstehen.

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