Interview: PonyDanceClyde x Crystal Fighters

On a cold day in December, Crystal Fighters came to the new girl in town, Gretchen, to do what they do best: playing live. Whatever it is they do, they have this very special talent of making every show seem different, and no matter how often you’ve seen them, the crowd is sure to go crazy, hot and sweaty every single time they play. One might add this specific crowd got seriously crazy, to the point where at the end of the show, half of them stormed the stage to party with Crystal Fighters. So as they played their last tunes, the band was left rescuing their equipment and exchanging some sweat with their endlessly cheering fans. Man, do these guys make their crowd go wild! The lucky winners of our ticket giveaway and us PonyDanceClyde girls had a banging night with yet another fun show by one of last year’s most-hyped new bands. I say don’t stop the hyping! Instead, enjoy our interview with singer Sebastian while you wait for the new album to drop!

PonyDanceClyde: What was the best festival you ever played and why?
In terms of decor and general ambience, Great Wide Open in the Netherlands, and of course your own Melt Festival are both hard to beat, but my favourite was probably the first festival we ever played, Secret Garden Party 2008. We played on Friday and stayed from Thursday to Monday. It was gloriously hot and probably the last time we’ve done that, wow.

PonyDanceClyde: Which festivals are you looking forward to next summer?
The Olympic festival which is in view of our London studio is looking dominant, apart from that, Reading.

PonyDanceClyde: What’s your favourite Crystal Fighters song and why?
We all have our different favourites, but mine are all off the new album which isn’t out yet! Why? Because they’re new and amazing! Of the old songs, I like Xtatic Truth and Champion Sound the best, because they speak the most clearly I think.

PonyDanceClyde: Do you read music blogs? What’s your favourite one?
I like 20JazzFunkGreats for the quality of its rhetoric and its music, too.

PonyDanceClyde: What are you doing on new year’s eve? What would be your perfect new year’s eve?
I think we are playing a gig somewhere, but it is all secret at the moment apparently. The perfect New Year’s Eve would be at ONE awesome party in ONE awesome place, no movement, which has not happened for various reasons for many years.

PonyDanceClyde: What’s your favourite area in London and why?
We’d have to say Hackney because it is where we live and because it has been kind to us over the years – good friends and good parties regular, nice parks.

PonyDanceClyde: If you could choose any artist, who would you like to do a remix for?
It would be fun to remix a big dance music legend, like Ricardo Villalobos, put some Spanish guitar on there.

PonyDanceClyde: The other way round: If you could choose any artist, who would you like to remix your music?
It would be great to see what George Martin would do with our humble songs.

PonyDanceClyde: When you go on tour, what piece of your personal belongings is the most important to you?
The pillow that allows me to block out the infernal tedium of driving.

What was your favourite Berlin moment so far? Is there anything you still want to do in Berlin?
Hanging out in Kreuzberg on amphetamines was fun, I think. We still haven’t been to Berghain / Panorama Bar, which obviously weighs on my conscience when we are in Berlin – when will we go?

PonyDanceClyde: What song is stuck in your head right now?
Simple by Siriusmo, it’s been there for years.

PonyDanceClyde: When you were a kid, what did you want to become when you grow up?
A fuckin’ rock star!

PonyDanceClyde: Last question, our favourite one that we ask every band we meet: If you were an animal, what would you be?
A friendly bat.

A big thank you to Sebastian for answering our questions and to the people at SSC and PIAS for making everything happen!

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