Interview: LCMDF at Monki Berlin Store Opening


A couple of days back, something pretty awesome happened. My favourite Swedish clothing shop Monki invited us to their opening party over at Münzstraße 20, right across my work in Berlin Mitte. And even better, I met the Emma and Mia of the quirky pop combo LCMDF.  We had a quick chat about sisterhood, Helsinki and the Monki seamonster. Happy reading!

PS: The Monki Berlin Flagship Store officially opens today Friday, April 12. Get your asses up and buy some CLOTHES in your lunchbreak yo!

PPS: Their new video below has puppies in it. Featuring Dena.

And here comes the interview:

PDC: The Guardian described your sound “punky, poppy, electro“, is this how you would describe it too?

LCMDF: Yes! I think we are going more pop over time. What would we describe as punk is going more into the pop direction. But there is this attitude to our music and our style. I guess the punk thing comes from our live shows, we have pretty crazy life shows. So punk is not our genre but our attitude. But it is definitely becoming more Pop.

PDC: You are from Helsinki, Finland but you moved to Berlin in 2009. What was the reason for that?

LCMDF Emma: We kind of ended up here. We were recording here, and then travelling a lot. But I kept on coming back here instead of going to Helsinki. So I ended up here and I think it is a great city to work as a musician. I am really happy I stayed.

PDC: Emma & Mia, you are sisters, do you live together and steal each others clothes? If so, which ones?

LCMDF Emma: No we do not live together. That would be kind of crazy. Yeah we steal each others clothes a little bit. If Mia forgets that she has this piece of clothing, that she does not wear anyway; then I would be like “can I use this” and then I never return it. But really good friends do that as well. We could describe our sisterhood as a really good friendship.

PDC: You’re Scandinavian and so is Monki. Tell us as Germans – what’s so Scandinavian about you and those clothes?

LCMDF Emma: Yes, I think it is a very Scandinavian brand. The style is very classy, bright and clean. The first time when I saw Cheap Monday, that was the start of the whole Monki/Weekday brand.  So when I saw this I was like “this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!”. So getting these designer style clothes at an affordable price was like heaven for me. I like the style, it is really LCMDF. Quirky casual. A little bit of fun but still classy.

PDC: So the concept of this store is called “”The Sea of Scallops” and is all about the feeling of an underwater world, with sunken carousels, tangled shipwreck rigging, sea monsters, jellyfish and seaweed – when you were still in Finnland, do you feel strongly connected to the sea?

LCMDF: Well we feel really connected to the sea but where we are from it is really cold. (laughs) Helsinki is not a beach kind of city. But we definitely have a lot of fish and this type of food culture. So in Berlin, there is this one thing that would make it the number one city in the whole universe: And that would be if it was next to the sea. And that is the only thing I really miss.

PDC: Do you have a favourite piece of clothing in the Monki store?

Mia: Well I am wearing this jacket (see picture above) I love it! – this is what I usually wear on stage. Because it gives me a really good silhouette when all the lights shine at me.
Emma: I do love these pastell-blue-green platforms that are going to be in the summer collection. I love those shoes.

PDC: So this Monki store here is slightly different than the other stores; do you feel Berlin needs a special store?

LCMDF: Berlin is such an artist city. Such a weird city. So this has to be a little bit crazy; and topping it.

PDC: What are your future plans, what is next for you?

LCMDF: We will release a second EP in May. And we are working on an album too. This month we are played in each of the Monki stores worldwide. You can hear our selection of tracks Thursday until Sunday. And we also put some of our new material in there. So if you go to a Monki store you might hear some of our new songs.

PDC: So how does the new material sound like?

LCMDF: It is going to be more pop. The next EP is a lot about attitude and acceptance. And the forces of Yin and Yang. We are going to emphazise our characters; so Yin and Yang even more; we are blonde and brunette, night and day, and sisters too. We are like one, but then we are also really different. And this is what our band is about. But we will continue commenting on social media, self-esteem, being a young woman.

PDC: What type of music do you play at the Monki After Party tonight?

LCMDF: A mix of Pop, Hiphop, Indie and Electro. Stuff from the late 90s and new stuff. Supercool music. Also a selection of stuff that nobody has heard in a while. I love it when people a remembering songs and are like “oh my god I have not heard this in 10 years”!

Thanks for being awesome Emma and Mia!

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