Interview: Husky Rescue and their love for forests, all animals and Asian food

Pictures by L. Lanjouw – for more of the Husky Rescue concert and the Midsommar Festival check out our album on Facebook

At the Berlin Midsommar Festival organised by Nordic by Nature we met the two-thirds Finnish and one-third Swedish band Husky Rescue. Oh what a pleasure it was to meet them. Funny, a little strange at times, and giving very elaborate answers to questions that had been forgotten half way…

PDC: Where do you get your inspiration?
Marko: It’s real life, happening all the time.
Antony: Real life… and then un-real life.
PDC: What do you mean by un-real life?
Antony: Imagined lives or worlds. I guess it is the same old answer, but we do, and especially Johanna, really like the forest. She runs around there and gets her inspiration there mostly.
Johanna: Yes, that is actually how I write. I just walk around in the forest for a whole day and then it’s sort of like meditating; you don’t think and then it just comes.
Marko: For me it’s vice versa. When I am in the city, I want to run and escape and make music. When there are many things going on around me I just want to hide in a corner and write. Unfortunately there is usually no time to do this, but ideas are then born.
Johanna: It is actually amazing these mad times, because lyrics and melodies have been growing in you without you knowing it.

PDC: So I read that with the new line up of musicians you want to go into a more intimate and natural direction…
Marko: do we?
PDC: Well it says so on your website…
Marko: Yeah let’s go intimate! Don’t tell this to anyone, but Johanna was just smelling me. (Oops! I just told everyone, sorry.)

PDC: What part do you like most? The production process, recording or performing your music?
*silence – lots of thinking going on*
Antony: …I have the feeling that it’s the whole package.
Johanna: Yes it’s being ín it.
Antony: If you’re locked up in the studio for too long you start to want to play it live.
Marko: Yeah, I start feeling like… is it really so that I don’t have any friends?
Marko: When I was a kid and I had cello and piano lessons and rehearsals, it was like that. But when you’re in a band it’s not like you play by yourself; you rehearse with your friends.
*nodding and hmm-ing in agreement*
Antony: …what does that have to do with the question?
Marko: Well anyway, it’s definitely the whole package yes.
Antony: A nice balance.
Johanna: If you’re playing live a lot you start longing to create and make music. And when you’re making music, you want to share it with everyone else because you enjoy it so much.
Antony: That’s why things like going to the Berlin studio seems to work really well for us, because you do it kind of in the middle of everything and it stops everything else for a while. It makes it easy to focus.

PDC: Where is home for each of you?
Marko: Helsinki.
PDC: Is this also the place where you grew up?
Marko: Not really, but I really “grew up” there.
Johanna: I’m from Stockholm.
Antony: I’m from Helsinki as well. Grew up there. Was born there.
Marko: I was born there!
Antony: Were you?
Marko: In the hospital, haha.
Antony: Johanna was born in the woods. A wolf family found her.
Marko: I was born in a sauna.

PDC: Ok! Something different: where did the name “Husky Rescue” come from? 
Marko: Oh… I love huskies!
Marko: But then… I’m a cat person.
Antony: And at that point we always say: “but we love all animals”!
Marko: Haha, yes, we love all animals.
Antony: Tell about the Volvo and the husky!
Marko: Yesterday… eh it was one day before yesterday. Two days ago. The day before yesterday! Well, we were about to go to the studio and I’m a fan of big vintage Volvo cars. And there was this big bad ass late 70s black Volvo – it was very ugly but in a nice way. I took a picture of it, and then I saw a husky coming out of the door. Then I felt that this must be a very very nice day. And it was! Because at that point we didn’t know there was a single coming. Well we had the plan, but it was a bit of a joke.
Johanna: But now it’s very serious!
Marko: Serious business.
PDC: When will that single come out?
Marko: Autumn.
Antony: Really?
Marko: I’m teased by the idea of mixing it on Tuesday. Recording the vocals on Monday, mixing on Tuesday and then letting it go on Wednesday. Like… just release it in that internet. (That was last Wednesday, unfortunately we haven’t seen anything so far, we will let you know when it’s out!)

PDC: It seems like you’ve been doing a lot in Asia. You just toured there and the “Sound Of Love” video was filmed there.
Marko: Well it was our first tour over there, but we would really like to go back. The audience in Taipei was something I had never experienced. They were the most shy people I’ve ever met.
Antony: But they still really wanted to meet you and talk.
Marko: We played in a small club, and one third of the audience came up to us after the show. They were not like Japanese hiding behind their hands and giggling, but more like: *makes a shy face with the head bowed down and eyes curiously looking up*. Very shy, but still kind of active in a nice way.
Johanna: Such nice people and really listening to the music.
Antony: Yes it was like that in Tokyo and Beijing as well. At first they don’t clap after the first song and you think you’re in big trouble. But then you look at their faces and they’re actually just listening.
Marko: It was fun! And we really love Asian food. I’m gonna show you a picture… Not all of us are vegans.
*showing picture of some… some mashed up chunky red stuff*
PDC: OH! What is that?
Antony: Chilli with a bit of fish. It was hot!
Marko: It wasn’t burning in the mouth, but after 10 minutes it was like, warming… Like a sauna inside, hahaha.
Antony: We thought we were gonna get fish with some chilli, but the balance was the other way around.
Marko: Fish and chilli yes.
Antony: No, chilli with some fish for spices… Anyway, back to the question Marko… the “Sound Of Love” video and the recent tour.
PDC: Do you love Asia or does Asia love you?
Marko: At least we love Asian food. And we love Asian people, but you never know what happens there. Hopefully we can get back there next year, when we’ve released the full-length album.

PDC: When will that be released?
Marko: Spring.
PDC: Do you have a name for it yet?
Marko: No. But the EP is called “Deep Forest Green” and it’s worth an album. It’s pretty much a condensed version of an album.

Kiitos Husky Rescue! It was an honour meeting you.

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