Don’t miss: Berlin Midsommar Festival 2013 at P.O.P.


Yeah we are a huge sucker for Swedish traditions. And you are too, admit it. I mean how can you not be in love with this fairytale-like country. And just like last year, you have the chance to celebrate Midsommar with a bunch of amazing Scandic bands right in the middle of Berlin. FOR FREE. And craft flower headbands, dance around the Maistången, sweat and laugh whilst sack jumping and other quite enlightening activities.

Especially we are looking forward to see a couple of very promising musical gems that we haven’t seen so far. Starting with CTM aka Cæcilie Trier from Denmark; she seems like a musical genius. This woman plays cello in Choir of Young Believers (oh we love them for their orchestral, folk-pop arrangements!), has her own experimental vocal group called Valby Vokalgruppeand and ALSO created Chimes & Bells, who are signed to Bella Union. Her effortlessly enchanting CTM project lifts us up to higher worlds where people dance with their eyes closed. Meditating probably.

Also I am keen to get to know more about Aves from Helsinki, Finland. They say about themselves that they are feathered, winged, bipedal, warm-blooded, egg-laying, vertebrate animals. Because Aves is the scientific term for birds. There is a dreaming, tropical flair to those electro poppers, just fitted for the start of summer. And what’s rest of the musical line-up? Well:

18.00 The New Spring (DK)
18.45 Aves (FI)
19.30 CTM (DK)
20.30 Halasan Bazar (DK)
21.30 Dinner (DK)
23.00 Iberia (SE)
00.00 Nordic by Nature
…and more! You’ll find all the further details on facebook. 

Here please find a few of our favourite of the evening:

Julia steht auf schwitzige Rockkonzerte, Whiskey und blutige Steaks. Sie braucht jede Nacht mindestens achteinhalb Stunden Schlaf und mindestens zehn Minuten um einen ironischen Witz zu verstehen.

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