Dark pop Video: DNKL – Hunt


DNKL is a Electronic/Noir Pop trio based out our favourite Swedish city Gothenburg that, having released just one single, is still hiding beneath a veil of mystery. Now before I get back into a discussion with myself about the ongoing trend of mystifying artists, let’s stick with the music here, for this one release by DNKL lets us go all nervous in anticipation of all the many more grand things to come from this project.

Their debut Hunt now comes with a black-and-white video that  incorporates the haunting character of the song on a very literal level. Despite the obviousness, Haunt is a debut that’s intoxicating and moody and smoothly warming our hearts.

All right for a winter night.

Hunt is available as a free download on soundcloud.

Fanni liebt das Internet, ihren Kiez in Neukölln, Schaukelstühle, italienisches Essen und Musik, die sie auf dem Sofa hüpfen lässt. Sie kann schneller Bier trinken als alle anderen, verträgt aber außer Mexikaner keine Kurzen.

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