#Christmaspony: Win a sexy Globe Bantam ST Skateboard from Urban Outfitters

Jesus, we are so stoked to announce this new and crunchy #ChristmasPony collaboration to you! Our friends over at Urban Outfitters gave us an amazing present for you lovely readers straight out of the Urban Outfitters Online Shop. If you are highly motivated skater girl or boy just like us, this will be an Aussie hipster skater dream come true for you. The sexy Globe Bantam ST Skateboard is the first all-over graphic plastic cruiser from them, it features S-Track grip, a swallowtail,  quality wheels and slant trucks. Which means WAY more fun guaranteed that on a regular skateboard, plus the summery graphic prints are insane –  that’s what we say. Also, this one is perfect to simply slip into your backpack because that is how handy and light this baby is. Because summer will be coming back eventually y’all.

Wanna be the hottest babe (or hunk) in summer and win this board?

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2) Drop us an email to win (at) ponydanceclyde.com with your full name, subject “Urban Outfitters” until December 15 midday. For competition guidelines, click here. Good luck man!

But, uhm, really HOW sexy is this ride? Just have a look:

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